Something that rhymes with schmranting.

What is up with my internet, ey! Speaking of internet, it's funny that last Friday the internet in our office died for a few hours, and it left all crippled! I mean, we couldn't do much of anything without internet. The interesting thing is that last week I was out with a friend of mine wearing a t-shirt with the words "technology ruins romance."

Which is essentially true, you see. These days when you meet someone you like, you stalk 'em on facebook. Which is unromantic, right? Long gone were the days when guys actually worked hard to find out things about girls. Now, everything is out in the open. Chey. Anyway, sorry for getting sidetracked here. Yeah, so while the internet was dead, I randomly thought about how technology doesn't only ruin romance, it also kills our efficiency in working! Well, sort of. I just realized that a few hours of work without internet almost equals to no work at all! It's a little extreme, huh?

So. Anyway. Just wanna give an update! I've been a lazy bum these days when it comes to writing on this blog. Work has been crazy! I'm a little freaked out by the amount of work I need to do. I'm not good in multitasking. You know what I really need? A game plan. Yeah, exactly. I need to work out a proper time line and to-do list and work based on that. I'm an organized freak that way.

However, I'm gonna try to stay positive and not let it get to me too much. Too much, okay! And I'm looking forward to next week! Have lots of things planned out to keep me sane! It's gonna be a fun week. Just wish I'll survive work!

My dad has gone back home, and it's crazy because he's now intending to sell our apartment! He's kicking us out! Which means, we gotta look for a new place. Well, yeah it won't be in such a near future, but my sisters have gone apartment-hunting this afternoon at a condo in the east side. I'm a westener by heart though, so hopefully we can still get a place somewhere in the west, if not central! Hmm. Will see about that.

Well. This has been a total waste of post. Haha! My brain is not operating on Sundays! Sunday night, especially.