Flashback---London Photo Scavenger Hunt

on our first full Monday in London we set off on an adventure of "Olympic" proportions---in honor of London's hosting the 2012 summer Olympics we were divided into four teams:


Each team was given 10 clues and sent off into the city...

the competition was fierce....

the tubes were a bit confusing...

some of the pictures taken were fuzzy...

but by the end there could be only one victor!...

Team Spain at Piccadilly Circus

Team France at La Duree Patisserie in Harrods Department store

Team Italy at the Houses of Parliament with Big Ben

Team Spain (Lyndsey Ammons) at Green Park near Buckingham Palace

Team France (Brad Middleton and Mary Lira) at Harry Potter's platform 9 and 3/4 at Charring Cross Station

Team Spain at the Queen's home--Buckingham Palace

Team Spain (Courtney Stone) at the famous half-price ticket, TKTS booth, in Leister Square

Team France at the new Apple computer store in Covent Gardens

Team Italy at the London Zoo...

with their Gold Medal "suckers" from Harrods

It was a good, long, tiring fight but Italy prevailed!