Just read whatever I write and keep quiet.

This week has been quite entertaining as far as weeks go..then again I am easily entertained like when I watch that freaking Yule log for hours upon hours giggling like a madwoman. Shall ye NEVER burn Yule log? It's a Christmas miracle! And no, they don't run it on a loop so shut the hell up!

Okay, maybe I had some wine tonight but I needed it cause everything is so nuts lately..Everyone I know has decided to have mental breakdowns at the same time or something..and death is all around me which makes me want to enjoy my own life more and just be around good people I honestly care about.

AnyTaint, here are some pics for you, constant readers and stalkers alike. We have some Mars Bar fun, Crazy Dave and I, my friend Mike and me, Jerry and I actually getting along..Biker Bill with his new hat by Ray's, someone got a Mars bar tat, someone had someone take a pic of their butthole...and a MYSTERY box! Who knows what's in that package! If you see something, say something or the terrorists have won...a slap-chop! Why should cooking be made easy for them?