Some Buckdancing at Jalopy and Matt Kinman playing.

I am really behind on this blogging stuff..I suppose that's why I will never win Best Drunken Blogger, or Most Offensive Post when they hand out awards..Well, I still have my "World's Best Granny" mug at least..So, things have been good lately..though the WSJ outed my age and over usage of my cell phone..we play live on WFMU from 8pm-9pm this tuesday so I am trying to not get sick and get my voice back. It got lost somewhere between getting wasted at Bowery Poetry Club, and then getting blacked out at Mars Bar upon hearing the news of their impending doom. Is it pathetic how depressed I am over this news? What will take the place of Mars Bar? All other bars annoy me.

Anyfelch, here are some videos of some amazing buckdancing at Jalopy Theater from last week..Thomas Maupin is 72 years old! The film about him, "Let Your Feet do the Talkin'" is really good..It's put out by Dust to Digital. The very talented Matt Kinman plays for them..