Tunes from Saturday at Jalopy plus new Crumb artwork!

Here are a bunch of videos from Saturday's Night of Country Guitar at Jalopy Theater..So happy people came out in the cold cold cold for the show! Cause we played with Ari Eisenger who is amazing, and Pat Conte, AND the Little Brothers..Man, it was fun! I'm such an amateur but it inspires me to play with people this good..makes me keep practicing guitar though it's frustrating as hell..I get mad if I can't be good at something immediately..

ALSO, our brand new FUCKING SLAMMIN' artwork by Crumb came in the mail today! I'll upload a pic..We have two gigs with Robert in March..and Ari and Pat and the talented Dom Flemons from the Carolina Chocolate Drops will be playing too..I was hungover today after a fun, crazy night but that artwork made my hangover go away..