Tell Your Friends Concert Movie trailer..

Tell Your Friends is a comedy/music show that my friend Liam McEneaney does every tuesday night from 8-10pm in the basement of Lolita bar on Broome and Allen st. There are usually about 5 comedians, including Liam himself, who perform short sets and a musical guest..East River has played it a few times and it's always a fun night with a good crowd. I've seen some really great acts there including Kristen Schall(whom I love!), Reggie Watts, Christian Finnegan and more..Mike Doughty of Coughing Souls fame plays there frequently and various other local musicians.

Well, Liam and producer/director Victor Varnado have made the show into a concert film which should be coming out soon! I was at one of the tapings for it and it was hilarious..In fact I think I may be in it for 5 seconds making an ass of myself because that's what happens when I sit in the front row at comedy shows..I love going to smaller, intimate shows like this one rather than paying tons of money to see the same people at some 3-drink minimum fancy club..TYF's has a family vibe to it and that, along with the talented performers, makes you keep coming back to it week after week..It's been going strong for 5 years now.

Anyloops, Here is the link to the TYF FB PAGE and here is the trailer for the film which has already gotten almost 12,000 hits on youtube!