A little privacy, please.

There was a system which should be simple enough to understand. Especially since everyone is an adult. The thing with a unisex toilet means, that one should wait for his/her turn if someone else is inside. Nothing more awkward than exchanging smile or small talks in between cubicles. Imagine 'bumping' into the opposite sex while you're washing your hand after finishing up a certain nasty business.

It was not hard since there were three slippers provided, two pairs for the gents, and one for the ladies. One, two, three. It does not require an advanced deductive or mathematical skill, even. So one might wonder, how could there be a flaw in such a seemingly elementary concept?

Like one day, she was wearing her slippers inside the loo. As she was still washing her hands, a careless gent stormed in to the 'establishment'. Startled but unapologetic, he exclaimed, "What are you doing?"

"Oh," she replied, "you know, just lounging here... Chilling, enjoying the glorious toilet scent and its breathtaking view."

She should have said that, really. But in fact, it was only in her head. What was she doing inside a toilet? Dear god, what could it possibly be? The possibilities are endless!

With an irritated grunt, she said nothing and slipped outside.

Another day, same starting story. She was washing her hands when she heard noises outside, and a gent pushed open the toilet door. The second he saw her, he made a loud noise which sounded like "sorry!", his whole body trembling and he was muttering sorry over and over again while trying to get out immediately. His dramatic reaction could resemble an act of a guilty kid who has just been caught stealing.

It made her feel so bad! Why would she feel bad?

Well, the only thing he was stealing was some privacy! She made her way out and said, "it's okay, go ahead, I'm done" to the poor awkward dude who was still trembling in horror.

No! She doesn't want to freak some dude out or blurt out sarcastic remarks to the insensitive bloke! What she wants is just a little privacy!