Assorted Signage, NC17! Please read with your parents.

Here are some photos. You can see they are photos with your eyeballs. If you're blind, I can't help you but you ain't missing much. We have some graffiti in the basement of Csquat..And a damn ping pong table in Tompkins Square Park. When did this get brought in? It has taken the place of the piano that was chained up there over the summer. I love ping pong but there was only the one paddle there plus it was late at night when I saw it. I'm surprised the paddle was there at all..On the black market that would go for a ha'penny at LEAST.

Then a sneaker with a cup in it. People tend to think I set those shots up myself, but really, if I was going to do that i would make it far more weird and interesting. I'm sure someone on St Marks was trying to be funny..or just needed a cup holder badly. I would have made them a cup cozy out of cobwebs and discarded rigs, which are usually found at that spot..

Then that sexy sign that was found defaced like was brought into Csquat of course..and the deep messages that keep appearing at the site of the old Kurve spot, which is turning into fuck knows what now..I hope it's another ramen joint! 2nd Ave REALLY needs more sushi and cafe's! Well, as long as it's not the dreaded Wallmart™ that is rumored to be opening soon somewhere in manhattan. Soon we'll have Shoney's too!

Anyblab, This week should be interesting..yes I will be posting lots of band stuff so BE PREPARED! We have a fun gig at Jalopy thursday..then Crumb's gallery opening Friday, then another gig Saturday with some interviews and WFMU stuff in between. My UCB class was fun and I predict lots of going out drinking with the friends I made there pretty damn soon. I even got a ride home..IN A CAR!!!!!!! Yes, that is exciting to me. People that can drive are like wizards. I just laugh and crash into things.