Chocolate Rigs and Assorted Assortments of Absurdity.

Vell, vell, vell..Here are some snazzy pics I found on my computer internet thingy that makes my eyes hurt. I see someone is bringing back Kilroy! I love that shit..I used to draw it everywhere. It really brings back my days in the war when I took a bullet one. Because I am a pacifist who only dreams of beating the crap out of everyone.

Then this chocolate rig from that bald man place. What. The. Fuck..fuck..fuck..It's like they want me to nod out on sugar in their bathroom! I hate that place. They have a midget working there I heard..They are turning it into a circus little by little and I would rather eat a candy bar or vegan brownies. Their crap is overpriced and annoying.

Then my friend Dave at Csquat wearing a shirt with his own photo on it as a kid for his birthday. Hee! And for the SUPERMOON..I looked for shirtless werewolves but found only James Blonde and some other guy drunk with their tops off.

It feels like spring out there and I can't wait can't wait can't wait!!!! Tomorrow I work all day at Gimme Gimme records..then the Waggytail benefit on the 14th which i will post about soon with tommy Ramone and others..and lots of chihuahua's!