My huge hairdo and some other cell phone pics..

Here are some pics from my cell phone..My great beehive space age hair do when I worked as an extra for a day on Men in Black 3. It was set in 1969 at Warhol's factory. I have never seen such a huge production before and what a madhouse! They had a horse painted up like a Zebra..I was hoping for a unicorn dammit! And the paparazzi were all over. I enjoyed telling bystanders who were gawking that we were filming Sex and the City in Space in 3-D or The Hangover 3-where they actually get hung for being too hungover.

Anyway, they destroyed my poor, fried hair with all this and I took other extra work instead for the week..Then I think I found Ev Grieve's car! Or a big fan of his/hers at least. Heh. And a few funny signs..and what looks like Shepard Fairey stuff..Bah-I'll take Banksy over that guy any day of the week..except the day I made up for myself..EdensDay. Where I get gifts and stuff..Saturday is my damn birthday and I am old as dirt. Wah!