Back with a Bang.

Hello hello and zippity do da! I feel a little under the weather so I am blogging on a Friday night..However, I am in a good mood lately with lotsa neat stuff going on..Cd is selling like mad on ebay right now.don't know why..maybe we got a review somewhere we don't know about. Been enjoying Mars Bar still being open and trying to take pics there when I go..met someone I am having a grand time hanging out with..going to Italy soon..all kinds of grooviness so far this spring. I like the hot weather too. Beach!

So here are some photographic masterpieces I took..They will definitely end up hanging up in a museum of fine art so enjoy them while you can! We got Johnny Bizarro at Mars..He let me snap five mousetraps on his hand! Whee! And then..well, he kind of hammered a nail into he penis while people watched in horror. Whee!

Then a pic of Diva Queen Kathleen and I on my birthday..I just met her that night. And a fancy bra that just got discarded in the trash..I always wonder about those did that come to pass? Why was it taken off? WHAT HAPPENED??! Ah, mystery!

Then a Juggernut maxipad..and someone ordered a shitload of junk food. That was going to someone's apartment, not a store! DANG! And a neat pic my pal Toby took of us...or someone did at Csquat.

Tomorrow I work at the record shop..CAT STEVENS!!!