Gravy Train

The Springdale City Council is meeting tonight and is expected to approve Mayor Doug Sprouse's recommendation of giving a $600 bonus to all full-time city employees.

In his typical fluffy style, Chamber Cheerleader Caraway of the Morning Snooze, tries to make it sound more appealing by saying the money is mostly going to police and firefighters. Who wouldn't want to give our men and women in uniform a bonus or a raise? The reality is the $294,000 bonus money is NOT going mostly to police and firefighters. Attorneys, judges and our beloved code enforcement officers will all be collecting a check too.

Everyone likes to feel appreciated and most people deserve to get a bonus once in a while, but when I look around Springdale, I don't feel quite so generous.

I would urge the hard-working employees of the City of Springdale to start questioning where their pay raise was really spent.

(The back door of Springdale's Code Enforcement)