Icicle powers ahead at Adak

We certainly have talked a lot on Deckboss about the troubles with the seafood processing plant on Adak Island.

We've also taken note of Adak's escalating electricity costs.

In April came word that a big Seattle processor, Icicle Seafoods Inc., would be taking over at Adak. This holds the promise of stability not only for the plant but also the island's thin economy.

It appears a priority for Icicle is securing reliable power, something that bedeviled the plant's former operators.

Icicle subsidiary Western Star Seafoods is installing two diesel generators at Adak that will burn ultra low-sulfur diesel, according to this public notice.

Further, a special contract between Icicle and the local power company, TDX Adak Generating, is pending before the Regulatory Commission of Alaska. Much more on that here.

The contract could presage possible relief for all ratepayers on Adak, as this discussion between the RCA staff and TDX suggests.

So, more power to Icicle and Adak, I guess.

By the way, Deckboss called the Icicle brass in Seattle to ask what the official name of the rejuvenated Adak plant will be. I didn't get a call back, so we'll just call it that Adak plant.