Just the Good Ol' Boys...Never Meanin' No Harm

It is no secret Springdale is governed by a longstanding good ol' boy buddy system.  But then you already knew that, so it should come as no surprise to read another Caraway fluff piece on Mayor Sprouse sending Springdale employees to a class that will be taught by Bob Arthur.

What Caraway and the Mayor fail to mention are the qualifications required to earn $16,800 for teaching people how to be nice.

As is the norm around here, you can smell the conflict of interest miles away.  Bob Arthur just happens to be Springdale's Planning Commissioner President and claims to be on the Business Network International Leadership Team of the useless Chamber of Commerce. Shocking.

I have also confirmed that a real talent out of Fayetteville offered to teach these classes for FREE, but was turned down. Even more shocking.

Beats all you ever saw, been in trouble with the law since the day they was born...