Toilet Paper. Shoes. Hilarity. Ensues.

Oh SNAP! So many pictures! Can you take all this excitement? Well? CAN YOU? Are you even still awake? I have been busy adventuring and somewhat working and did this fun promo video for Crumb's book coming out in October for Norton publishers..Getting excited about leaving's been WAY too long! I gotta get outta this place..

So, yes. You CAN believe your eyes! This woman at Moonstruck diner had toilet paper on both her her shoes! I can't tell you how long I giggled at this. I really can't. You all think i'm dumb enough already..Then some pics from a Csquat show..Jewels and Hassan..oh yeah! Shayne and Jewels..Crazy Dave being..crazy..some REALLY drunk kid that kept yelling, "I have work in the morning! Im fucked!" over and over..Haw!

Then my love and I..Delfado cat. Yes, he sleeps with his paw on my face. Then a nice pic of Gotham taken from high up at a fancy hotel..and someone is REALLY mad at someone and their car.

Went to see Confessions of a Prairie Bitch with Alison Angrim who played Nellie Olsen on the BEST show in the world with my sisters and friend Sean last night..I'll post pics of us harassing her next..I have to get more crazy in before I leave for the peacefulness of italy..Bring. It. On! And Mars really may be gone very soon I I am there from now on pretty much..