Back from Itlay! Lotsa pics coming. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

So, I am unfortunately back already from Europe..wanted and hoped to stay longer but alas..we did make some connections and may spend all of next spring and part of summer playing gigs all over Italy and other places..Had a great time, played fun gigs with R. Crumb and saw a beautiful beach. I am now ten shades darker then when I left NYC. And 6lbs fatter though I am losing it fast..I missed the gym when I was gone. How weird!

Here are the first set of pics..some nice B & W's someone took of us..

I shall have many more pics and the most boring videos of my trip ever. Including but not limited to me petting cats, and stopping at a service station for Nutella and coffee. How will you stand the suspense of waiting for this gold?