Last blog for a little while..

I am leaving to go play s few gigs in Northern Italy..Ameno Blues Festival..with Crumb..and then hanging out there for a bit..No more posts for about two weeks! So I leave you with this hodgepodge of pics that have nothing to do with each other.First some graffiti at Mars Bar...I hope they are open past the 15th when I get back..Then during the screening of Raging Bull in Tompkins..Freaking Don King was there introducing the film. He went on for about 45 minutes and it made no sense at all. I love him!

Then some art at Mars and evil voodoo magic behind Horsetrade Theatre on St Marks. I love that gargoyle... The place is in jeopardy, just like everything else I like in can donate online to help them stay open.

Then I saw that the piano is still in Tompkins Square Park being enjoyed by everyone. And last but not least, the gayest hardware store around! I will be blogging again in a few weeks..Til then my friends, enemies, and stalkers! I love you all! When I get back I plan to take acting classes and apply for every damn job out there so I can leave again as soon as possible! I know I leave town at the end of August for sure..Hoping to get some gigs and go down south and also to Vermont for a few days in August.