Pics of lovely Rhode Island while I wait for the storm...

Well, I am back from Rhode Island all relaxed and tan and feeling good. Almost every day was a great beach day up until they told us to leave due to the weather coming in. Those days would have been a bit dull it was perfect. Friday was the nicest beach day there and we left at 9pm that night. This was a nice ending to a freaking fun summer..
So here are some pics from is good to be back before this storm hits if it even does. Right now it is just raining and a bit windy. Here's a video even of the water there as it got choppier on the last night..
I got HBO stuff taped and SATAN will be forcing me to watch the VMA's tomorrow and make a running, very mean, bitter profanity laden commentary through the entire thing! I applied for extra BG work for the whole week figuring everyone is out of town but me! Do I get union Hurricane pay? Wet pay seems a little weak..