Let's see now..a few fun videos and ran-dumb pics!

Here are some truly awe inspiring photos. At least my mom told me they were good. Line up to get your flu shots..at Rite-Aids! Um. Don't think so. The needle exchange may be safer. Then a Ronald McDonald home for kids in Vermont. I cannot fathom the depths of horror that must go on in there. CANNOT. Then my hair being bleached as I wander into a pharmacy and find DIY Paternity tests on sale! YES! And my hair above that looking nice. Shampoo on Avenue B is awesome.
And two videos here..one of stuttering Dave who I very drunkely feed lines to at the new UCB Open Mic..the dirty joke gets cut off unfortunately! And the infamous Don Eng dancing his heart out once again at Bowery Open Mic..Awww..He had a partner this time!
Got some gigs coming up..New Crumb book of his album covers comes out in November..it'll be some great promo for my band..We are in the book three times and did the promo video for it which includes me in a bathtub with saddle shoes on. This will probably be the thing I get known for. Fame is so bittersweet..Got first check from RedEye distro. DAMN! WAY more than I expected for three months! We have some good reviews coming out soon..everything takes soooo long..Hurry up and wait! Had a great summer of travel and hoping for a great fall/winter of gigs and sales!