Occupy Wall Street.

Well, I am finally hitting the Wall Street protests this week before I go to Arizona for Dom's wedding..Took these videos as I marched and weaved my way through the hippies, anarchists, beatniks, wingnuts, news reporters, cops and all walks of life. I did not see any arrests, though one officer did push a kid who was not on the sidewalk as we marched and were blocking traffic. Anthony Bologna is being investigated now after new videos have surfaced..in slo-mo you can see him pepper spraying people just standing there..not pushing him or being violent in any way.
The police were polite to me..I was filming as were many others..and it was pretty organized. Michael Moore showed up who I don't much care for..but the crowd was happy about it. At any rate it is now getting more press that's for sure..I'll be there tomorrow afternoon.