Planking and Owling. Better than stuffing a lot of people in a phone booth.

So, many of you must think because I listen to old timey music and hang around divey, seedy places that I simply must be up on all the new fads going on. But, sadly, I am not. I have just recently learned about Planking which began in Australia I lay as stiff as a board somewhere weird and have your photo taken. Someone died planking on the ledge of a building or something at some point..and now Owling, perching like an owl somewhere dangerous/weird has taken over..and even Batmanning could be starting..hanging like a bat somewhere odd or unexpected.
Anyway, since I have had the damn flu for five days straight and have been indoors a lot(except for last night where I went to a show where someone owled AND planked and then had wine later)..I have compiled these fun photos of both owling and planking. You will never get the three minutes it will take you to read and look at these pics back. Sorry.