The new Sidewalk Cafe.

Okay, so i was worried about Sidewalk cafe shutting down and revamping itself like many other old school sort of neighborhood places have done and turning into a scary wine bar like Banjo Jim's will probably do. So I have been by there a few times in the past few weeks and while some of my favorite stuff is no longer on the menu(well, I am the type of person who eats the same damn thing everyday so those items are basically two things), I have to say I feel the same vibe in there that it had before.
The menu is a lot smaller..but they are figuring out what people want, and slowly adding those things back as they get back on track..The nachos are back..possibly the 25 cent wings too..there are $3 PBR' can sit in the back at the open mic or whatever music show is going on and not be forced to order anything if you don't want to..THOUGH I WANT TO DRINK! Did I just yell that? Sorry, been sick and on the wagon!
Their breakfast specials are coming back and most of the appetizers are still around $5. So I am happy they are back and I hope people give it a chance. The staff is awesome, my friend bartends there..another pal waitresses, and I just had a fun time hanging out there tonight shooting the shit and it basically felt like old times for me.
Yes, the bar has insane cocktails and spiked milkshakes if you feel the urge to splurge and get all crazy..but it also has cheap beer..cheaper than some of the dive bars that are around actually.
Sure, I liked the old wall reminded me of my own place actually! But the important thing is that the vibe I always liked in there is STILL there. I intend to support the place. If it closed down what would replace it? Hmmm..let's see..maybe a Chase Bank? Nah..wait..a Chase Bank? Nah, probably not. I know! A CHASE BANK BY GOLLY!
Alright, I'll shut it now!
But one more thing..if you go to this blog take note that Life Cafe now seems to be possibly closed for good. Beware! Soon there may be no more places where you can sit and eat and read a book outdoors for two hours if you want to!