Oh, just some stuff of pepper spray cop spraying..oh just everything.

Okay, so if you're on facebook at all you are already tired of the casually pepper spraying cop..but I thought I would do a blog with all my faves to get it out of my system! Here are some good ones and a few weird ones John made to harass me with! What that cop did was just disgusting and I am glad some humor came out of it..I wonder what he thinks when he sees these? His wife..kids..He is famous for being a dick and being made fun of everywhere you turn..Skits about Tony Bologna abound too on youtube and TV. Craziness.
Having a good month..our new LP of Drunken Barrel House is up on ebay and selling well. Street date for Amazon and RedEye is December 6th. Got a nice check from them last week and I kind of went nuts on etsy and bought crazy things. Got a part time job babysitting my niece starting next week..began recording our new album Take A Look At That Baby today and will begin taking french classes at the French Alliance January 9th. I simply have to learn some French before going there in June for two months or I will assume everyone is talking about me. Dammit!