To market, to market, to buy...some amazing food!

If you're in London for the weekend the Borough Market is the place to go for some delicious food! The Borough Market is London's most renowned food market, winning the 2010 London Lifestyle Award for London's Food Market of the Year! 

The market is open Thursday-Saturday and is located in Southwark, London, near the southern end of London Bridge. The market consists of up to 70 stalls and stands. Producers from all over the country bring a range of fresh produce to the market, including fish, meats, vegetables, ciders, cheeses, breads, coffees, cakes and patisseries. Other stalls specialize in produce imported from abroad. 

In my two visits to the Borough Market, I have tried a meringue, a chocolate ├ęclair, fresh squeezed juice, and a falafel, which was so delicious I had to go back the next weekend and get another one!


History of the Borough Market -

The Borough Market has been in existents since 1014. In 1754, the market was closed by an Act of Parliament because it was causing heavy traffic congestion. In 1756, it purchased a small plot of land and began to rebuild the market into what it is today. The market has been filmed in such notable films as "Bridget Jones's Diary" and in "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban."


If you would like to know more information about the Borough Market you can check out their website:

I think a big part of participating in a new culture is trying new foods. 

We are about to start traveling through Europe, 
so please share with us the best and worst foods you have tried in a foreign country!