Bloggity Blog Blog Blog!

These are just some random pics that I find simply hilarious! Plus, they have been sitting on my desktop and driving me crazy. That big bag of popcorn is the best present you can get a loved one this month..I, myself, plan on getting that Obama chia pet. In bulk. You can NEVER have too many Obama Chia Pets now, can you? N. O.
That lady was at an Occupy WS artist benefit at Theatre For the New City a month ago..that's how far behind I am with this blog lately! However, I will do better from now on. I have accepted that it is now winter and even bought a pink fuzzy winter coat with a corset and bustle on the back. Yup! I'm crazy! But my new coat is awesome. I don't mind the winter so far..lots of stuff going on and I am working and making dough a lot more lately which means I am getting myself the most amazing, circus-like wardrobe in the world. Also, saving up for summer in Europe! I hate cold weather but I am having a pretty awesome winter(all) so far..and thus it was good..