Cooper Union starting to charge tuition?

Okay, so these pics and interview are from..damn..almost a month ago?! I am waaay behind blogging and have not even been to any OWS demos for a few weeks..recording new album and trying to make some comedy skits with John and get them on Funny or Die this month. Plus, I am working more and it's cold out dammit! But I will be running around having adventures soon.
East River was not chosen to be in the top 5 Grammy nominations this year(or last year!), but if we were i'd have gone into shock. Eddie Veder has a ukuleke album out and was in the Folk categoy. WTF!? I think he will win. Even Dylan did not make the cut this year.
Anyway, good news with St Marks Bookshop being saved and also Cafe Vivaldi..but I have not read anything or heard anything about whether Cooper Union will start charging students to attend. Here are some pics from a protest some students had and a short interview I did with one of them.