Icicle energizes its 'calculated risk' at Adak

Regular visitors know Deckboss likes to keep track of happenings out on Adak, the remote Aleutian island with a rather tumultuous history as a commercial fishing port.

As previously reported, a subsidiary of Seattle-based Icicle Seafoods Inc. took over the Adak processing plant in the spring.

Now here's a little news: The Regulatory Commission of Alaska recently approved a special contract between Icicle and the local power company, TDX Adak Generating.

Under the contract, TDX will supply "interruptible" power to Icicle, with existing residential and commercial customers having priority.

Power supply had been a problem for previous operators of the Adak plant.

While commissioners said they initially were concerned about the potential for "rate subsidization" of Icicle, the RCA ultimately held that the special contract will be good for all local power customers.

Here is the agency's eight-page order. It has a few details about Icicle's work to refurbish the plant, which concentrates on Pacific cod.

Also, here is an Icicle letter from late August that discusses the company's "calculated risk" at Adak.