Keep Sprouse Out of the Real Estate Business

The City Council discussed another brilliant proposal by Mayor Doug Sprouse on Tuesday (12/13/11). Sprouse proposed selling the Criminal Investigation Division building and buying a different building, owned by Dave Chapman. Chapman has graciously agreed to sell the building at a price set by a new appraisal. An earlier appraisal valued the building at $530,000.
There is some concern that the city can’t recoup its investment if it sells the Blair Street building.
“We were told we had to have this building when we purchased it,” said Alderman Eric Ford. “Now we don’t need it and are trying to sell it.”
The city bought the Blair Street building in 2004 for $300,000 and has spent $175,000 on renovations.
“We won’t get what we’ve put into it,” said Alderman Mike Overton.
I personally would like to propose that Mayor Sprouse restrain himself from making any more real estate deals with his buddies. 
While pondering this, I have come up with a more cost-effective plan for the city's shortage on space.  
The city is currently considering revoking the business license for the downtown landmark  Sunrise InnThe Mayor could just kick out all the mini meth lab operations and...  ta-da!  New building, more space and all on the cheap. Everyone in the city could have their own office and the Mayor could oversee his little kingdom all in one spot without having to walk anywhere.
The only downside I can see is how to make this benefit Chapman.