'Overtaking, turning into, and colliding with...'

The Sitka herring fishery has a well-earned reputation for rather degrading conduct as seiners — some of them, at least — go hog wild in hopes of landing a lucrative catch.

Every season, it seems, we see more and more evidence of Sitka's cutthroat style of fishing, thanks to the proliferation of digital recording devices and YouTube videos.

Recently, we posted news on our sister blog, The Brig, that one seiner, Daniel Crome, had been charged with a misdemeanor in connection with a vessel collision last season.

Deckboss was curious to learn more about the case, so he requested copies of the charging documents from the Sitka court clerk.

As you will see, authorities had the benefit of audio and video recordings to make the case against Crome.

One wonders whether it's time for changes at Sitka, to bring a bit more decorum into the fishery. And to reduce chances for a real tragedy.