The Justice for Vylette page and story..

These photos were sent to me by a friend who was pregnant..gave birth at a birthing center where a mothers nightmare began. She was ignored, told to go home, told to not push when she knew it was time to push..which all resulted in a very painful birth and the death of her daughter who had been perfectly healthy in every way. This is her story..I am going to link her facebook page Justice for Vylette here..people can go there and read exactly what happened to her and why she is suing the place..and is beyond heartbroken.
Here is the beginning of her account:

my daughter Vylette Moon was wrongfully killed by the disgusting negligence of both my midwives and doula from a birthing center in Brooklyn, nyc. i wanted the most natural spiritual birth i could give my child, drug free, with tender love and care and instead i ended up with the most horrific birth story ever imaginable! My mission is to get JUSTICE for VYLETTE. to never allow these 'midwives' to be anywhere near precious new life or pregnant women, and to have this careless center SHUT DOWN.
please come to my page Justice for Vylette to read the rest of the tragic story in greater detail as well as see images of my beautiful daughter who was completely perfect for the duration of my entire pregnancy.