Mar Bar photo "exhibit" at Blue and Cream.

Well, I call it an exhibit in quotes as there were barely any photos on the walls and the models, Dj's, drink servers and bouncer really had nothing to do with Mars Bar in the slightest. The photos of the model posing by the window and jukebox are utterly ridiculous as is their "look book" on their website. It was packed to the brim with hipsters and models and people shopping for clothes. Now, while everyone there was nice to me and I got complimented on the clothes I was wearing..I have never felt more out of place and I took a bunch of cell pics and two videos and left when it wound down after 8. I knew it would be depressing to see photos of my favorite bar hung up at a place that sells $200 t-shirts..I really did not expect it to be so...utterly awful. It was just an excuse for people to shmooze and the place to make some sales. Note the prices on the photos up for sale. I doubt the subjects will see a penny of it. Blue and Cream are free to open up a fancy clothing store on the Bowery of course..however Mars Bar should not be used to get them business..the quaint little divey bar down the block that they saw fit to use to their advantage when it closed. Anyway, at least they let me in. I did try to sneak into the Varavatos store later for some other opening and got kicked out. Heh. here are like dozens of pics and two videos..enjoy..if you can! I posted one pic of me looking scared. I WAS SCARED!