Wild in the Streets.

It is the summer of our discontent. Wait, that's wrong. It was the best of mimes, it was the worst of mimes. No, that is not right either. Well shit! Anyway, a sign I saw at Zucotti Park said "Shit is fucked up" was pretty funny. OWS and the upcoming days of action in a few weeks are going to be off the hook. Do people say that anymore? Well I do. OFF THE HOOK!
Things are going good good good..after a doctors appt Monday I will feel ever so much back to normal..hate annual exams but before they take away Medicaid I may as well take advantage..who knows what is going on with health care reform and what shall be. I can always use leeches like I used to I suppose.
AnyTart, some photos for your enjoyment! I thought the first was one was pretty funny..I mean COME ON! They had to be giggling when they put that sign up. Then a few scenes from Union Square..young punk making a sign..hippie meditating..
Then some subway signs defaced by some activist..I like the Game of Thrones one..they made it so easy for them..Then..well..after last weeks amazing South Park episode I just had to go and bread Delgado. Could not resist! I wanted to be breaded for my passport pic but I felt I would have gotten a resounding NO on that idea..
Wish it would warm up again like before. I leave town in July and I want to experience some 95 degree weather before I go. Got some good paying gigs coming up soon..One in PA..one in LI as part of a big festival in June..Jalopy in May..John is putting a book together of old postcards he dug up..it is going to be freaking amazing! Some great stuff. I got a small role in a short film my friend is directing in a few weeks..must hit gym many many times this month!
In between all the anarchy of course..some fun shows and parties coming up plus my damn birthday looms..Age is a state of mind though right? RIGHT? sob! I am old as dirt. I feel good though! Just need that nice sunny weather now..