I feel fat and it's raining.

Actually, I DO feel fat and it IS raining but I am in a good mood anyway. I am hungover as hell though. Thankfully have very little to do today. But i have shit ons to do before I leave for the summer! Finally going to be hot as hell out this week and I intend to make the most of it..since i will be gone for most of July and much of August too i need to cram in my fix of NYC summer craziness all into June. When it's nice I intend to spend any time I have free outside in the park, the beach or running around town. I love summer here..can't wait til it's like 90 degrees and everyone is freaking out..

AnyDooDoo, here are some incredible pictures i took. You had no idea I was this taleneted did you?

My camera is fancy..it's called iPhone. We have the most hideously awesome bass..the huge line that is outside the Big Gay Icecream shop every weekend..they opended up a goldmine there with that place..I bet some others pop up around the city soon.

Then some words of wisdom in a pay phone booth..a pic of how mature I am since I am now 40..and a cat and cat litter cake. Yup, that's a cake!

Everything is going well and I am tying up all loose ends early before this trip...seeling cloths i don't want at beacon's for summer stuff..playing some gigs..bought green contact lenses too..things are pretty damn good. Would like some extra BG work but no calls as of yet..ah well, I guess i will just keep on having fun while broke..which includes drinking vodka, eating sushi and having awesome sex. If I had more money I would do all these things but like three times a day.