I turn 40 tomorrow..or tonight rather. I feel sort of like who gives a fuck then on the other hand I feel like why am I not rich and famous and loved by the whole world and then I remember that that would involve getting off the couch and accomplishing things and that thought alone makes me want to get drunk and be depressed and at least I have my health right? Well, sort of anyway. I probably have some exotic disease that has not been discovered yet like anal sars or herpe headaches or what have you. My life has been crazy and strange..squatting and hopping trains and one adventure after another hitchhiking across the country and causing mayhem for years and years.so much insanity I can't in any way remember it all but it sure has not been a sedate or boring life. I could not live like that.

AnyDeath, these pics sum of my feelings. I have been really spoiled with gifts and love all week and should not complain at all. I have tons of friends who love me and am lucky enough to realize this and still....OLD AGE DEATH HELL HADES HELLFIRE BOTOX DEATH OLD OLD OLD.