Pot Parade concert in Union Square.

So I did not march on May 5th in the pot rally but I did go by Union Square to see my friends from the Yippie Museum.. John Murdock, Joey Gay and Jon Savoy who were acting as MC's for the concert and speech making about marijuana law reform..some bands played..had a good crowd. Plus, I didn't get a contact high which I was scared of as I don't partake in the wacky weed.. It just makes me paranoid, fat and then paranoid about being so fat. Like a snake biting it's own tail..so any cops reading this be aware that I don't smoke the pot. I don't take the pot. And i don't try to make citizen's arrests on little old ladies anymore so stop talking about it at the 9th precinct. YEAH, I KNOW.

AnyArse. here are a plethora of pics from said event. In no particular order because I AM SO FUCKING STONED RIGHT NOW! Kidding kidding..please don't throw me in the clink. Or the hoosegow. I will never survive in there as I am far too dainty to be someone's bitch. That pic of the wet bread is just something I find funny. Just a bunch of...wet bread...in the rain..it symbolizes the pain in my heart area if I had a heart.