Some random stuff aliens probably are responsible for.

So so so so so..I leave so so soon! I will be blogging from France and other places here and there I hope! First is a sign by Union Square I forgot I had a pic of..Then the line waiting to get in to see the last Tell Your Friends comedy show at Lolita Bar..We played it and there were great comedians there like Kristen Schaal and Lewis Black who was very nice..I think the show will possibly be once a month now in brooklyn and will have awesome comedy once a month. Onwards and upwards..There's a pic of us playing it under the lovely one of the condom I saw in the grass while sunning at Tompkins. Yay! Public grass sex!

Then some flea market scores I picked up on Ave A and 11th st..JEALOUS?

Plus, I met an awesome person who asked what I would write about them if I mentioned them in this blog so I will write YOU ARE FUNNY AND NEAT-O AND SHINY TOO AND SORRY I WAS SO DRUNK.