Off to France and stuff!

No pics but heading to the south of France today at 5pm! We are recording with Crumb out there..finishing our album and playing some gigs in France and a fest in Dublin and probably more..hitting Spain and London with a friend for fun..I will have my laptop and will be taking pics and hopefully still blogging and all that. I love NYC in the summer so I am happy to be leaving. Super excited! And also glad i will be back before the summer ends to enjoy the sweaty NYC summer madness.

Said farewell to Bowery Poetry last night at the Roast of Bowery my friend put on..very funny and sad at the same time. I loved that place. Saw all my friends and bid them bye bye..a few are coming to visit me in France which is awesome..and of course, I love the Crumbs so I am pretty thrilled about this vacation/work summer. In between getting stuff finished I will be drinking wine and traveling with friends and spending half my time at the nude beach! Be back online soon people..happy summertime!