Trip to Marseille with the ladies..

Here are a BUTTLOAD of pics from a trip to Marseille..lotsa fun with the ladies of Sauve and my pal Erin..we have all sorts of shit..the pill pedicures..some kid hitting on Aline..also the view from our balcony in Sauve at night..some weird sculptures at a gallery..a artsy maybe commune type house that was awesome..I dunno..

Recoding with Robert is almost done..just have to do a few of my parts...artwork has been decided on already for cover..have some gigs coming up here and in Dublin for ue fest there..and John and Crumb did 3 hilarious podcasts which will be online soon hopefully..still having a ton of fun and not missing NYC at all yet..i will be back there in exactly 3 weeks though..sounds like a long time but it's going by really quick for me..and we are getting everything that we needed to get done done..and I am tan as hell! I know you were all wondering about that so rest easy friends..