The novel "Drugs" by J.R. Helton.

I Just read the book Drugs by J.R. Helton and I decided to blog about it as I feel like it is a must-read for anyone who has taken drugs, wants to take drugs, or knows people that have taken drugs which is basically EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Including myself. The narrator, Jake, has taken just about every drug that exists in an effort to find himself, feel good, or just feel SOMETHING. He is a part of society, has a good job and functions just fine..all the while constantly searching for the pill or substance that will bring happiness and lasting enlightenment. Sometimes it works out for him..other times it doesn't.

This is a no holds barred realistic view of the "drug world" and though it made me wince and cringe many times..and feel some of the paranoia that Jake himself has felt when high, I recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of Jerry Stahl(who calls it "truly riveting"), Jonathan Ames, and all the other authors and essayists whose words have an unmistakeable ring of truth to them and brings you effortlessly into their world-like it or not!

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Blurbs by Stahl. Harvey Pekar and Robert Crumb who also illustrated the cover.