The Keeper's Dare is Doing Well

My book, The Keeper's Dare, is doing better and better. I have to thank KJCE Austin Radio for the boost. My four month long radio campaign to promote the book has increased sales. I'm still in the red with the cost, but the campaign was mainly to get the word out, and that it has done.

My horror story, Evil Most Holy, has seen an increase in sales in the UK. I guess since the story is based in southern England, that might have something to do with it.

The Grove of Akkadia and The Last Medal are not being picked up right now. The Last Medal has the edge on 'Grove', with only one copy of it selling.

I don't guess July, 2013 will ever get here. That's when my Western, Hell's Gunman, comes out. We will soon begin the editing process and I can't wait.

On the 'writing' board are two books I'm working on simultaneously. I'm 64,000 words into the Murder Mystery and 36,000 words into the Science Fiction story. I'm more excited about the sci-fi as it is really taking shape. I was reading some excerpts to my daughter the other day and she told me to stop and not tell her anymore. She said she wanted to read the whole thing and didn't want me to ruin it. That's a good sign, as she is one of my harshest critics.

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Well, that's it for now. Have a great week.