Exploring Porto, Portugal

What's is there to do in Portugal?
Why would you want to go there?
What do they even eat?
Well guys, it's time to answer all your questions about our random trip to Portugal.
When planning our free travel, Meagan, Carver and I just wanted a cheap place to go and relax. So, we got on Ryanair and selected the cheapest flight available, destination Porto, Portugal.
On the plane, the first thing we noticed is that we appeared to be the only people with light skin and light hair. This trend continued throughout our entire trip.

Our first impressions of Porto were, "woah, this place looks deserted", "where did we go?", and "are we the only people in this entire city?"
The owner of our hostel informed us that we had arrived on The Day of the Dead, so almost everything was closed. We headed to the one and only cafe open close to our hostel and quickly fell in love with Portuguese food.

I ordered what was called "pizza" on the menu, and it turned out to be an amazing breakfast pizza with shrimp, peppers and covered in salsa, also with an egg on the side and a hot dog for unknown reasons. Meagan and Carver chose a "hamburger" and received a meat patty topped with ham and bacon, smothered in cheese and salsa with an egg on top. It was delicious!
The rest of our trip was spent wandering the streets of Porto, making new friends, and eating ourselves silly.
Carver made the most friends
Beautiful church down the street from our hostel
Scenes of Porto

I learned to juggle the devil sticks from a busker.
We got lost too many times to count, and ate too many calories to count, but it was all worth it. Oh Porto, we'll miss you.
And the McDonald's had chandeliers!
Tori Sheets