Israel Needs to Start Acting Like Who They Are

I am not anti-Palestinian or anti-Arab. Just wanted to get that straight before you read any further. What I am is a student of history and of the Bible and of other religions. I have been a student of these things for the better part of my life and still study something along those lines every day.

I also have my own opinions about life, the world, the past, the present, and the future. My future opinions are based on my firm belief that the Bible is THE word of the only God. His name is many. I AM, Yahweh, Jehovah, The Lion of Judah, Emmanuel and Jesus to name a few. The Bible records the history of the Jews and God's plan for mankind. If you don't believe the Bible in part or in whole, that's fine. I'm not writing this to convince anyone. I'm writing to reveal my opinions and what I believe. Right or wrong, whether you like it or not, and whether you think it's politically correct or not.

When God led the Jews to the Promised Land, it was inhabited by a people known as the Canaanites. We know them today as the Palestinians. Now, Jews weren't chosen to be God's people because they were better than everyone else. They were chosen because that's who God chose. It's as simple as that. To be frank, and from a world view, this was more of a curse to them than a blessing. They were chosen to do three things. One, record God's word. Two, be the lineage whereby the Messiah would come. Three, evangelize the world. They've already nailed one and two. Three is yet to come. But, I digress.

God told the Jews to enter the Promised Land and kill every man, woman and child of the Canaanites. Many people claim by this that God is a genocidal maniac. Even today they claim this. My question is how can anyone look at the Palestinians of our time and say that these are a peaceful, intelligent, rational, sane group of people? They hate the Jews more than they love their own. They would rather see themselves all killed than live in harmony with their cousins. Yet, it is God that's crazy. But, those that believe such a harsh thing of God needn't worry. It's obvious the Jews disobeyed him since we still have this group of people making trouble that affects the whole friggin' planet. But, before God allowed the Jews to go into Palestine, he told them that if they didn't kill all of them, that they would be a thorn in their side forever. Imagine that...God knew what he was talking about. Isn't that what they are?

In 1948, thanks to Hitler and the Nazi attempt to kill all the Jews, Israel came back to Palestine and became a nation in that land once again. God told them he would do this...bring them back...and that when he did they would never be driven out again.

So, here we are...after the 1967 Six Day War, the 1973 Yom Kippur War, and many other skirmishes, engagements, infiltrations, invasions and sniping and rocket firing...once again massing to go in and waylay the Palestinians. Why don't they go ahead? Why do they sit there with their tanks and their planes and their armed soldiers...doing nothing?

The Palestinians only have one goal. Only one. That goal is to drive the Israelis out of Palestine. As I said, they will die to the last child to see this goal achieved. They are blinded by hate and a blood lust that has no end to its thirst.

The Israelis have a goal that was firmly set after World War II ended. That goal was to survive by being an independent people again in their own land. My main problem with them is they refuse to act like who they are. They refuse to act like God's chosen people who will never be defeated or driven out of their land again. The world hates them already. The Arabs vehemently hate them. America has a president who will not truly defend them. Even a NATO ally, Turkey, has branded Israel a nation of terrorists. They are beset by enemies on all sides. Why do they care if anyone hates them more? God's hand is upon them. His protection is guaranteed, written in granite. Not even the United States and all their technological marvels in military hardware could defeat Israel. If every nation on earth came down upon they will at the Valley of Megiddo...they cannot be defeated. If God Himself has to come down from the clouds to wipe away those who would destroy them...he would and he will.

They need to start acting like who they are. They should delay no longer and march into Gaza to rid the area of rockets, launchers, tunnels and militants. They should go house to house, building to building, street to street, hut to hut and they should do so boldly. God watches over all they do. And by his hand they can, and will prevail. With or without the world's help. Who needs it, when you have the one who created it at your back?