MPs and the PM

     One Friday afternoon, Chloe and I put on our business attire and headed to Parliament.  We thought we could give the MPs (Members of Parliament) a piece of our mind or perhaps have tea with the PM (Prime Minister).  (All of these M’s and P’s are quite confusing.)

            Not really.  But we did want to sit in the gallery and watch the House of Commons’ proceedings.  Upon walking up to the magnificent buildings of Parliament, both of us were filled with excitement.  

I can't figure out how to rotate this picture, but here is proof we went!
            We were the first in the queue to go up to the gallery (which is rather a lot of steps) to watch the proceedings, as there is only limited seating in the gallery.  To our dismay, there were only about ten MPs in the chamber during the hour that we sat and watched them.  Despite their lack of attendance, they still were debating a bill.  It had to do with social housing and family justice issues.

            I really love the extensive golden building that houses Parliament.  It must have 10,000 windows—what a lot to clean.  They must be very dirty most of the year.  

     We even found the Sovereign’s entrance with a big black iron gate at it.  I find it refreshing how honored and respected the Royals are here in Britain---they even have a special entrance.

--from the desk of Megan Lehmann