Petitions to Secede from the Union?

That's right. Several States have people who are signing petitions to peacefully secede from the United States. Right now, the Texas petition has more than 39,000 signatures and growing. Personally, I would like to see it. Texas has an economy that could go it alone.

But, in reality, ain't gonna happen. Not peacefully, anyway. There's no way the Federal Government is going to allow a State like Texas, with tens of millions of taxpayers, to get away.

There was a time in our past when those of us in the South tried to break away from Washington D.C. It was back in 1861, I think, and by the time 1865 came around, the South surrendered only after more than 600,000 Americans had died. It wasn't pretty.

Instead of going down the 'secession' road again, maybe the American voter should re-take their civics classes from high school, read the Constitution (I mean...really read it, not just SAY you've read it), read the documents that led up to the Constitution (like the Articles of Confederation, The Federalist Papers, The Bill of Rights etc.), and perhaps pull their head out of their collective asses, smell the proverbial coffee and realize they have most probably voted away almost every right, liberty and freedom the founding fathers wanted us to have and gave to us.

Instead of judging the founding fathers on your liberalistic gobble-de-gook of today, try putting yourself in their shoes in their time and realize they were men of genius with weaknesses and shortcomings that....GASP....we all have...even today...even, dare I say it...LIBERALS. And, even with those shortcomings and weaknesses founded the greatest country the world has ever seen...until possibly now.

Secession will not work. Been there, done that, bought the shirt. In fact, nothing, in my opinion, can save this country now. The government has been informed by more than half the voters in this country that it is more than welcome to intrude on our individual lives and rule us for the first time in America's history. The citizens have surrendered to government. Big Brother, in its infant stages, is here and has been given the sceptre of power to rule instead of represent. George Orwell was only 28 years early.

And, by the time our blue voting friends realize to the fullest the horror they brought down upon us all, it will be too late to do anything about it, short of revolution. And if it does come to that, it will mean America has gone into its death be no more.

Don't believe it? Feel free. It may be the last freedom you have left.