Shopping Around London

Over the past few weeks, I've been shopping around town. Here are some of the places I went:
Camden Town
Portabello Road Market
Each place is unique, and has its own fun things.
At Portabello, the best part (in my opinion) was this stall with these amazing doughnuts:
 Camden was my favorite place; there was an outside market, with lots of cool things:

That first one is me and my friend Autumn outside the market, showed in the second picture.
Here's a picture of Harrod's, all lit up:
Here’s a quick video about Portabello Road:

Harrod's is a giant building, filled with tons of high end stores and brand names. It's kinda on the expensive side, so I didn't get anything there. The middle section has a bunch of places to eat and buy food from all over the place. There was one floor that was just toys, and that was my favorite part because I am such a kid at heart and really love looking at toys.

Camden Town is essentially a long shopping strip, with every single kind of shop you could imagine. There's something for everyone: preppy, goth, hipster, tourist shops; you can find anything you want. I found a sweater with the British flag on it, that's really warm and cozy. There's also a Henna shop, which was, sadly, closed the last time I was there, otherwise I would've gotten something. It's a cute, fun little place, perfect for a group with lots of different interests to shop and be happy.

I hope you enjoy my thoughts on shopping in London, and if you ever get a chance to try out some of the places around here, I highly recommend it! Though, try to make it before the crowds, or you'll be doing the penguin waddle down the middle of the sidewalk :)

Rachel Talaber