Shopping! (Harrods, Portobello Road Market and Welsh Arcades)

Notting Hill, as in that place where that Julia Roberts and High Grant Movie took place!
The Portobello Road Market is a quick walk from the Notting Hill Gate Tube station. This street market is an interesting mix of pretty much, well, everything! It's a great way to spend a Saturday morning....but beware! Don't take too much cash because you'll probably end up spending way too much on cute little things that you probably don't need!
The streets are lined with booths selling everything that you can imagine. It is also super famous which is why it's so crowded that you can barely move. I highly recommend eating lunch here as well... The tantalizing aromas coming out of the food booths can be torture if you are hungry. Along with this, you can also find food from every corner of the world here! 
The market is also located in a really cute part of London so just walking around and soaking it all in is an experience unto itself.

The AMAZING Harrods department store! Going in here can be extremely overwhelming. For example, we discovered that they devote FOUR large rooms entirely to high-end and extremely expensive purses. We decided ahead of time that we just wanted to get some dessert here (even though it was only 5 at night). The food area is huge. Food from every country you can imagine!
You must wait in long lines for a slice of heaven but it's totally worth it and part of the experience. Megan and I plan on going back to eat lunch here and just buying a lot of random foods and sharing them.
This was the work of art that I picked! It's a slice of strawberry cheesecake and it was delicious!!!! That Harrods thing on it is made of chocolate and I found this out when I bit into it to figure out what it was. Harrods is a great place to visit and would have been even better at a less busy time which I am not sure is possible.

This is a picture of an Arcade in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales. This is unlike any arcade I have even been's all full of shops.
In the UK rain is to be expected and Cardiff makes it so that you can still shop at outdoor little local shops but under the cover of a roof. Such a smart idea and it made for the perfect place to hang out while it was raining!

 This is an old video from the 1950's. It's an ad for tea...but it talks a lot about Harrods so I think it will give a good idea what the store is like still to this day!