Smorgasbord Friday Postponed for This Special Announcement

A good friend of mine sent this e-mail to me. He is an immigrant, here in this country legally. This is how he saw the election on November 6th. His name has been withheld for privacy reasons. The only correction is that observers from other countries have been here for elections since around 2000. But, this is the first time they were here to explicitly look for voting irregularities. And now, my well spoken and highly informed friend. Would to God we had more like him.
Every now and then, when something impacts my daily routine severely, I like to sit down and write about it to put things into perspective. The November 6, 2012 US presidential election is probably the most important election I have been involved with, in my entire life.
Why? Well, there are several reasons.
To start, I am an immigrant who came here voluntarily and remain here voluntarily. I can and may leave whenever I please. We have yet to become US citizens and were therefore not allowed to vote this time, but we were closely involved with all our hearts and enthusiasm. My wife and I grew up in Colombia, South America, a country that has been beaten down by violence and corruption throughout the years. The whole reason for us to search new horizons and a place to better grow as a family where strong moral values and hard work were actually appreciated, was now at stake.
When Barrack Obama was elected in 2008, we watched in awe how a country had made the choice of electing someone over the color of their skin and false Robin Hood style promises. An up-to-then unknown-to-most character with minimum political experience that had, by chance, as a Senator, voted contrary to what he was now preaching in his campaign, all of a sudden was viewed as the messiah. Good speaker behind a teleprompter, he captivated the hearts of many. Being part of the show industry he got even more people to understand how really ‘cool’ he was.
The election of the House in 2010 made it clear that America was not happy with what had come down in the last two years. In my mind this was a clear sign of what was to happen in further two years when the presidential term was up in 2012.
Mitt Romney brought strong moral and family values to the table. He is a proven successful businessman with a long (also successful) political career on his back. His partnership with Paul Ryan brought a young, energetic vice presidential candidate to the game. Romney and Ryan laid out, over and over again, as opposed to Obama and Biden, clear FACTS about the situation of the nation. They always acted with class and respect, not going out of line even once.
Obama and Biden acted with low class and dismissed most of what was being stated as facts as “lies”, “inaccurate” and “exaggerations”, arguments that were made without any FACTS whatsoever in return.
And America took the bait…….
(A quote from another friend), America chose to elect ‘Form’ over ‘Function’. A ‘cool’ president that spells the word ‘Team’ with the letter ‘I’ over one filled with desire to act in favor of the country, not in favor of himself. A president that was not able to keep a single one of his promises during his first campaign. A president that has clearly lied in favor of his mandate about the economy, employment, industries and foreign affairs, amongst others. A president that has caused the worst division in history amongst Americans. A president that has clear signs of trouble in his past. A president that has spent the most amount of time during his term vacationing and campaigning for his re-election. A president that made America lose its power as a leading nation, worldwide. (And I quote from a friend, “Up to four years ago, when America spoke, the world listened. Today when America speaks, the world laughs). A president that has diminished the most powerful military force in the world. A president that ignored four calls for help from our brave Marines posted in Benghazi, Libya to protect their lives and the one of Ambassador Stevens, and after they are brutally killed goes on and calls the incident a “Bump in the Road”…… and then goes even further and takes advantage, making it a political issue by saying he (again with the letter ‘I’) did not suffer any terrorist attacks during his term. A president that sweeps the floor with the Constitution, at his will and glory.
This was all looked away from by the majority of American voters. Ignorance shined at its very brightest. Not only did they not educate themselves properly about who they were about to vote for, they looked away from all the FACTS that clearly showed who Barrack Obama really is.
With a jaw-dropped-to-the-floor I read the following headline the day after the election, somewhere along the lines of: “Latinos – Obama, here’s your vote, now let’s see the immigration reform”. I would have never, ever in my life believed that America was going to fall to its knees to the herds of illegal immigrants in this country.
There were clear signs of irregular voting procedures; A law was tried to be passed to allow people to vote without proper identification. For the first time ever the UN was invited to witness the election. It was reported from many parts of the nation that people were getting different results than what they originally voted for. Many military personnel were not able to vote because somehow, conveniently, their votes will not arrive on time to be counted. It was all looked away from……..
To close, I think that the moral values of this country have been lost, forever. Everything goes, do what you can get away with. Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and every single Republican in this country did not lose the election on Nov. 6. America did. Snooki and the Kardashians won, I would venture to say that people who voted for Obama know more about these people and have researched them farther and deeper than they ever did Barrack Obama.
America as we knew it has ceased to exist and is now in line with all the other countries that have decided to take that path: Spain, Greece, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Nicaragua, etc., etc., etc. All now failed economies that once used to offer a good standard of life to its inhabitants. It just totally escapes my mind how a nation can wish and throw this upon themselves.
America obviously did not deserve Mitt Romney as president with a vision of a traditional America, high moral standards and hard work. The one that states that those who are working are not doing enough to help those who are not, was elected……….
And I purposely did not even touch on the subject of the First Lady.
Wow. He knows more about what's going on in this country than fifty million plus Americans. And, that's the true and real tragedy.
Have a great weekend anyway.