Smorgasbord Friday

I just love stories like this. A Dallas woman returned home the other night and walked in on three men burglarizing her home. One of them was armed with a handgun. Not to be outdone, she pulled her own handgun and the shootout commenced. When the gunsmoke settled, one burglar was dead and the other two needed environmental clean-up in the underwear area. The survivors fled the scene while the Dallas version of Annie Oakley calmly blew the smoke away from the barrel of her trusty crime stopper. She did manage to wing one of the two that could still move, and he was taken to the hospital. I think, in all fairness, they should have taken him back to the woman's house to let her have a mulligan and maybe finish the job.


Let's say you're a mega-rich multi-billionaire and Argentina owes you $1.6 billion dollars. The Argentinian government then tells you that it's not going to pay you in full, and you can take what they offer (thirty cents on the dollar) or take a hike. Most super rich people would take it to court. Not so Paul Singer. He had an option B. He sent representatives to Ghana, a small African nation, and the government there to seize the Argentina naval frigate Libertad. Three weeks ago, the pride of this South American navy's fleet, which is really a diplomatic, three masted sailing ship, docked at Ghana. A local court ruled it could be held on behalf of one of Singer's subsidiary's, NML Capital. 300 sailors stayed with the ship until Argentina ordered them to abandon it. Argentina has accused Ghana of violating the rules of diplomatic immunity. As of now, Singer has a brand new sailing ship, and Argentina is huffing and puffing. So far, nobody's house has been blown down.

It's stories like these that convince me it's too late for the civilized world. Liberal thinking is taking over, and there's nothing we sane people can do about it. It seems a man in Massachusetts (which is grotesquely Democratic) has taken his visitation rights case up to the State's highest court. You see, he wants the right to visit a child he fathered by....RAPING a 14 year old girl and impregnating her. The teen does not want to face the person who violated her, and is asking the court to not allow visitation rights. A hearing to decide the case has been set...fittingly...on November 6.
A Department of Public Safety Trooper in Texas was in a helicopter that was following a pick-up truck running from the law. Let me stop there. I don't know about anywhere else, but when you run from the law in have a pretty good chance of getting shot. The officers believed it was a drug runner, and were in pursuit. The officer in the helicopter fired on the truck to try and get it to stop, killing two Guatemalan ILLEGAL ALIENS hiding underneath a cover in the back. Now, the ILLEGAL ALIENS say they showed themselves to the copter, and...of course...the officer, who got up that morning and said, "I shore do hope Ah gits to kill sum people today,", fired anyway. The dead were two men, 32 and 29 years old. Alba Caceres, Guatemala's consul in McAllen, has decried the incident and blamed the DPS for atrocious and possibly murderous behavior. Nothing has come out of her pie hole about citizens of her country committing a crime by coming here illegally and then committing a crime by speeding and then committing a crime by fleeing from a police officer and then committing a crime for reckless endangerment of others. All of that is okay. Hang on, it gets worse. The families of the ILLEGAL ALIENS say they are concerned because they took out high-interest loans from someone in their community to pay the smugglers and it will be difficult to pay that money back now that their relatives are in U.S. custody rather than working in the U.S. Well, what I say to that is they should be arrested for complicity in all the crimes listed above that were committed. The loans ranged from $2,500 to more than $6,000 at interest rates of 9 percent to 10 percent per month. Too bad so sad. You bought the eat it.
NOTE: I put Illegal Aliens in all caps because in the story I pulled this from the reporter called them 'immigrants'. I swear, liberalism will be the mental death of us all.
Have you ever been so drunk that you broke into the wrong house and then passed out in the bath tub? I haven't. In fact, I would say you would have to be an idiot to get that drunk, and whatever happened to you after was whatever you deserved. A California man named Wilberto Zapata, 18, got exactly that. Jannine Ramirez came home...just after winning a karate competition...and found Zapata in her bath tub. Naturally, she freaked. A perfect snap kick sent Zapata through the shower door. Ramirez continued to beat the idiot with a flurry of kicks and punches until she literally beat him OUT of her apartment. Ramirez said, "I literally kicked him all the way through my house." I like the common sense that I thought was gone forever on the West Coast. Ramirez said, "If he hadn't broken into my house, it wouldn't have happened to him."

Don't mess with Gene Hackman, or his wife when he's around. The 82 year old slapped a homeless man who had become aggressive with his wife. It happened in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico. I knew he wasn't always 'acting' like a tough guy.


Now for a little local flair. You have to see this one for yourself, because you will think I'm lying. Go to This is a news site for Liberty County, Texas. If you think corn pone is made up and rednecks like this don't really exist, then this is the story for you. As you will see below, this is the story from the website. It's a pretty normal story, until  you get to the end. It has to do with a 'potential environmental concern'. I swear people, you can't make this stuff up. TOO Funny!!!!

Accident Beaumont Ave at the Bypass

LIBERTY, November 2, 2012 - Around 2:00 PM on Friday a two-vehicle accident occurred when a late model, black, pickup traveling east on Beaumont Ave disregarded the stop sign and a white pickup traveling south on the SH 146 Bypass struck the black pickup broadside.

According to City of Liberty Police Officers investigating the accident the driver’s of the pickups were the only occupants of the vehicles.

The white pickup was driven by Christopher Decou age 40 of Crosby and the black pickup was driven by Angelica Castro age 44 of Liberty.

The 2007 black pickup was a recent purchase still having its’ dealer tags as license plates.

The driver of the white pickup refused treatment by City of Liberty Ambulance Crew and the driver of the black pickup was checked out after complaining of neck pain and released.

There was water spilling from the white pickup coming from large ice chests in the bed of the truck. A potential environmental concern occurred when the accident resulted in a French Fry Spill as well.

Angelica Castro was issued a citation for Failure to Yield Right of Way.