Ten Years of Movie Magic: Harry Potter Studio Tour

Rachel and I ventured out to Leavesden after classes one day to tour the Warner Brother's studio where most of the Harry Potter movies were conceptualized and created by hundreds of dedicated men and women over the span of ten years. After watching a short video and being led into the Great Hall, we were given free reign of the studio and took millions (seriously millions) of pictures of all of the iconic sets, costumes, and props.

There was a courtyard with a stand selling the famous Butterbeer, a favourite drink of Hogwarts students. Here are a couple pictures of us drinking with our special souvenir cups: 

Above are a couple pictures of the Great Hall, where the students would eat and socialize. Pictured are the Gryffindor table (my house) and the Slytherin table (Autumn's house).

Other than props and costumes, there was also a "Creature Shop" where the various creatures and beasts, like the werewolf, Dobby the house elf, and Buckbeak the hippogriff were created. There was also an artist alley, showing some of the preliminary sketches of characters and set pieces.

And now, a video of us having a nice time drinking our butterbeer and relaxing by Tom Riddle Sr.'s grave:
-Autumn Dudney & Rachel Talaber