The Public Transportation Ordeal

 This story has to do with the day Rachel and I went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour, but seeing as it took us 2 full hours to get there, taking all modes of public transportation (save for the ferry) to get there, I feel it deserves it's own post.
As earlier stated the studio is in Leavesden, which is ideally about an hour out of central london. We began our journey immediately after Speech class by hopping on the Central line to Oxford circus, then switching to the Bakerloo to Baker street, and then getting on the Metropolitan line all the way to Moor Park- which we were so sure was the right station to alight at for the studio.
After asking for help at the local post office (the station had been basically deserted) and coming to no conclusion, we went into a cafe next door to ask if they knew how to get there. Turns out, one of them lived in Leavesden and was thankfully able to give us directions. We then got back on the Metropolitan line to Watford where we had to call a cab to take us to the studio.
Insert HP studio blog entry.
Coming back from the studio, we took the free bus back to Watford Junction and got on a non-stop above ground train to Euston, where we connected with the Northern line back to Tottenham Court Road.
here is a map of the tube system:
and here is a video of the tube:
and here is a photo of Rachel and me:
Ten points from Gryffindor if you can figure out which station this is at.

-Autumn Dudney